Banquet Server

Banquet Server

banquet servers at one of our eventsOrganizing and staffing an event in Toronto may be overwhelming. When it comes to selecting banquet servers, on one hand, you may be excited to see a lot of potential candidates, on the other hand, how will you know their level of competence and simply whether they will show up for the event on time?

Those who have planned and organized events will know this. Screening the potential candidates, and evaluating their skill level is very time-consuming. Often you will run into people without special training, who are doing it only occasionally, and treat it very casually.

Moreover, having people who are not used to work together on one team, and following different standards and set of rules, is a good chance the things will not go as smoothly as planned.

Why don’t you entrust us to handpick professional Banquet Servers to exceed your expectations?

By working with us you will not have to think about event staffing details anymore. You are guaranteed that your event is staffed with trained servers who are used to work together, and share the same high standards of client service. They will arrive on time and will be well briefed about any special requirements you may need to ensure your event is just perfect. In other words, you will have the perfect team for the event!

We will make sure they meet the standards and exceed your expectations in serving your guests. After all, superior standard of guest services in all its aspects is what we do.

It is all about the Tam Work!

At adagio Guest services we believe that building a successful team is very important. You begin to value that once you have to work with part time teams. It is, indeed a big part of our training!

We make sure that our banquet servers easily communicate with each other, help out and support each other, and are flexible enough to put the interest of the team and clients before their own.

What is the Adagio Guest Services Banquet servers’ advantage?

The events staffed by Adagio Guest services seem to flow effortlessly. That, in a big part, is the advantage of our approach in selecting and training our banquet servers:

  • We invest a lot of time in training
  • Help them build the necessary skills
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Team building is our priority
  • We develop one set of rules for the team
  • We value: punctuality & attention to detail

Most of our Banquet Servers are with us for over 3 years and aspire for the potential growth and promotion within our company. And we make sure more opportunities are available to them.

If you are planning an event in Toronto, and need experienced Banquet Servers, contact us to enjoy the highest standard of professional service.