Bartenders For your Event

rent a bartender - save a headacheBartending is a fine art and Adagio Guest Services offers the best artists for hire for your event.

What is your pleasure? A Blue Moon, a Margarita? Or is it a Martinez or Sazerac? Of course, a good bartender will know how to mix almost any drink your guests name.

Why Hire a Bartender?

Nothing elevates a private function as much as the presence of professional, exquisitely dressed bartenders. They will entertain your guests, brighten up the atmosphere and offer an array of cocktails and drinks for everyone to savor.

Whether you are hosting a grand event or a small private function, many hosts will agree that, at least, a professional bartender is an absolute must.

Imagine an elegantly dressed young man or woman, behind your bar welcoming guests with a radiant smile, and making sure that every drink is served quickly. Surprise and impress your guests and turn, even, the most modest house party into an exquisite event by hiring a bartender.

Hire a bartender from a professional event staffing agency.

Another benefit of hiring a bartender from a professional event staffing company, such as Adagio Guest Services, is that we guarantee the best level of service possible, as well as training in service, drink mixology and all the other necessary skills that a true professional must have.

A party without a bartender will inevitably get messy and will end up with you having to look after the beverage table, put away empty bottles and, worse even, deal with spilled drinks and broken glass. In a busy party scene, those are bound to happen. A professional bartender will make all those problems disappear in an almost magical way.

Peace of mind and a touch of class

Finished bottles will be replaced; empty glasses – refilled, and stains will miraculously disappear even before you, even, notice them! You will have zero worries over such things and will be free to enjoy the evening and entertain your guests.

At the end of the night, a professional bartender will help wrap up the drinks station and remove the mess, to save you the fuss and worry.

Full-Service Excellence for your Event!

Adagio Guest Services bartenders agency also offers the option of renting bar dishes that will be neatly stacked and taken away, so you don’t need to worry about dirty dishes and broken glasses or wine goblets.

All will be taken care of with grace and ease that will make your life easier and provide for a seamless party that will be on everyone’s lips for months.

Hire a bartender from Adagio Guest Services, an event staffing agency with a proven reputation.

Call Adagio Guest Services and we will take care of the rest.